Privacy and Confidentiality of Records - HR Policy 407

Privacy and Confidentiality of Records - HR Policy 407

This policy details UAB's adherence to the Privacy Act of 1974 and UAB record-keeping practices.
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Faculty, Staff
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Policy 407 – Privacy and Confidentiality of Records

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 06/09

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The Privacy Act of 1974 covers Federal Government personnel records only; however, UAB conforms to the Act's basic concepts concerning individual privacy rights and UAB record-keeping practices. A primary focus of the staff of Records Administration is the confidentiality of all the information that flows through the office.

Information from employee records will be made available only to those who demonstrate a right to view, or know, and should be used only for the purpose for which it was obtained.

Only the following information on UAB employees is released to external entities who contact Records Administration:

  • Job title
  • Verification of employment dates and whether the person is currently employed with UAB
  • Annual salary when requested in writing and accompanied by the employee’s signed authorization for release (Salary information is not provided via telephone)

Representatives of law enforcement and government agencies, upon presentation of proper identification, may be given additional information as deemed necessary.

Only necessary and relevant information will be maintained.

Employees have the opportunity to review, challenge, and correct their record.