Solicitation Protection - HR Policy 629

Solicitation Protection - HR Policy 629

This policy defines various types of solicitation and identifies guidelines for handling such matters.
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None Assigned
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Faculty, Staff
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Policy 629 – Solicitation Protection

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 07/09

All forms of commercial and non-commercial expression, distribution, or speech, including all manner of solicitation, canvassing, vending, or peddling, shall be conducted in accordance with the following guidelines.

No person, employee or otherwise, shall:

  1. Enter any UAB hospital or patient-care facility to engage in any activity referred to above;
  2. Enter any UAB classroom (while in use as such) or library (at any time) to engage in any activity referred to above;
  3. Enter any work area or living area, including, but not limited to, UAB faculty or administrative offices, student dormitories, research facilities, maintenance shops, kitchens, warehouses, motor pools, heating and air conditioning plants, mechanical rooms, or material handling areas to conduct any activity referred to above;
  4. Operate any sound-producing or amplification device in connection with non-official UAB business activities inside any UAB facility.

Employees who are in any UAB area to perform their jobs shall not engage in commercial solicitation or vending. This includes selling, delivering, or collecting for products, insurance, etc. Neither should UAB telephones or other equipment be used for these activities.

Non-employees are prohibited from entering any UAB facility except in the public areas for the purpose of contacting employees regarding their working conditions, hours, or wages.

At a reasonable time prior to commencing any activity referred to above, a representative must register the proposed activity with the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Human Resources. If this activity is approved, a permit will be issued. This office will prohibit any activity from taking place if a scheduling conflict exists.

The conduct of any activity on UAB property shall be in such a manner as not to obstruct or unreasonably interfere with legitimate business or the free flow of traffic to and from by persons rightfully using the grounds or facilities.