Mentor: Deeann Wallis, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, University of Alabama at Birmingham,
A postdoctoral position is immediately available to highly motivated candidates to develop an independent research project and eventually obtain independent funding to support this research project that will utilize both tissue culture and animal models of Neurofibromatosis to tease out molecular mechanisms and corresponding pathways involved in sensitivity/resistance to disease/drugs. This will include utilization of high throughput screens to identify novel host-based targets and drug discovery.  The successful candidate will utilize molecular, genetic and pharmacological approaches in both tissue culture and mouse models.  Prior experience with both tissue culture and animal models, molecular biology skills (DNA/RNA/protein work), immunohistochemistry, and cell-based assays is required.  Candidates with a Ph.D. in cell/ molecular biology or a related discipline are encouraged to apply.  Experience with CRISPR Cas9 systems, ADME/Tox studies (PK/PD), automated lab equipment for high throughput screening, high content analysis, and/or preclinical trials is highly desirable. 

Representative Publications:

D Wallis, K Loesch, S Galaviz, Q Sun, M DeJesus, T Ioerger, and JC Sacchettini.  “High throughput differentiation and screening of a library of mutant stem cell clones defines new host-based genes involved in rabies virus infection.”  Stem Cells. 2015; 33(8):2509–2522.

K Loesch, S Galaviz,  Z Hamoui, R Clanton, G Akabani, M Deveau, M DeJesus, T Ioerger, JC Sacchettini, and D Wallis. 2015.  “Functional Genomics Screening Utilizing Mutant Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Identifies Novel Radiation-Response Genes.” PLoS One. 2015 Apr 8;10(4):e0120534.

Interested candidates submit CV, a cover letter detailing research experience, and contact details of three references to:

Deeann Wallis, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Genetics
University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Postdoc Awards and Benefits 

Competitive postdoc awards are available including internships, grant incentives, funds to enhance education and collaboration outside UAB, and teaching opportunities at local universities. There is also a Postdoc Research Day with monetary awards. The OPE strongly encourages UAB research mentors to follow the National Research Service Award stipend level guidelines, and postdoctoral scholars qualify for health, life, and other insurances. They also have the right to participate in the university’s 403(b) program and enjoy vacation, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, and other benefits.