Mentor: Mohammad Hassan, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Dentistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham, E-mail:

The Hassan Lab in the School of Dentistry is seeking a motivated postdoctoral fellow. Research in the Hassan Lab uses animal and cell culture research models to dissect how epigenetic regulation (chromatin remodeling, modification and small non-coding RNA) control bone synthesis and maintenance, with the goal to decipher tissue-specific mechanism. We are specifically interested in the cell molecular biological and chromatin regulation in mouse model.  The candidate interested for this position will work on cutting-edge techniques and assays that will integrate molecular, genetic, and epigenetic tools to understand the biology of skeletogenesis.

Ideal candidates will have a strong publication record, strong dedication to research, and be highly creative and motivated. Individuals interested for this position should write me directly ( with a short synopsis of previous and future research directions, a CV, and the contact information for references.