The initial letter of offer specifies that the term of appointment at the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a postdoctoral scholar is for one year, subject to all rules and regulations, and can be renewed up to three more years (Four (4) years total). Postdoctoral scholars must be notified by their mentors in writing at least three months in advance that their appointment will not be renewed for the next year. Under special circumstances, postdoctoral scholars may be eligible for a fifth year of training, with the approval of the Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Education.

If the mentor does not intend to re-appoint the postdoc for another year, the mentor must notify the postdoc in writing three months prior to the re-appointment date. Following the first year of appointment and in subsequent years, if it is apparent that funding will no longer be available or for any other reason, a minimum of three months notice prior to termination must be given to the postdoc in writing by the mentor. The 3 month notice would start from a mutually agreed upon date.