Postdoctoral scholars are appointed for one year periods and must be re-appointed every year on their anniversary date if they continue in training.The departmental chair, departmental administrator, or fiscal officer of the requesting department must first complete and sign the Medicine Postdoc Approval Form or the campus Postdoc Hire Approval form to document that funding for support of the re-appointed postdoc are in place. Once completed and signed, the form should be uploaded with the offer letter request.   No letters of offer will be prepared without receipt of the Postdoc Hire Approval form. The department personnel representative or mentor will notify the OPE that a re-appointment letter should be generated through the OPE during the month prior to the yearly end date. The re-appointment letter will be signed by the Associate Dean of the Office of Postdoctoral Education, the mentor, and the postdoctoral scholar.

Within the first 30 days of an initial appointment,  trainees will be required to draft an individual development plan (IDP) together with you, their mentor.  The IDP will state expectations for their research project as well as describe the postdoc's career goals and objectives; a copy must be forwarded to the OPE for documentation. Three months following the drafting of your IDP, you will meet with your trainee to formally review your progress with regard to the research training. If your determines that the trainee requires remediation and/or additional training in order to successfully perform their research project, you may initiate a three month probationary period. If research performance has not improved and/or if there is a lack of research progress as defined in the IDP following the probationary period or at any other time thereafter prior to your appointment end date, the appointment may be terminated with one month’s notice. Please note that, per the UAB Attendance Policy, three consecutive absences without approval from the mentor at any time during your appointment may initiate the termination process. Further, if termination is based upon either academic or non-academic misconduct, advance notice of termination maybe waived. In any case of possible early termination, the case must be discussed with the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs prior to termination.

If the mentor does not intend to re-appoint the postdoc for another year, the mentor must notify the postdoc in writing three months prior to the re-appointment date. Following the first year of appointment and in subsequent years, if a postdoc is not to be reappointed, a minimum of three months' notice prior to the appointment end date must be given to the postdoc in writing by the mentor, and sent to the OPE for documentation (unless the trainee went through a remediation plan). The 3 month notice would start from a mutually agreed upon date.