UAB Professional Studies offers many tools and support services for UAB schools, departments, and faculty creating new or growing existing continuing education programs. We can provide support at every point in developing and maintaining your continuing education programs. The following are some of the main tools and support services available. Contact us by calling 205-934-7217 or emailing us at for more information about how we can help you.

Software Tools


We offer a dedicated instance of Canvas as the learning management system for online content. If you have taught an online course at UAB, you will find the same user-friendly tools with which you are already familiar. If you are new to Canvas (or want to expand your knowledge of it), check out some of upcoming training opportunities.

Destiny One

Destiny One is a powerful enrollment and curriculum management platform. We use this tool to provide an online catalog of the available curriculum, allow for easy registration and enrollment management, process financial payments and provide reports. 

Destiny One Learner Portal

In addition to regular enrollment and curriculum, we have the ability to offer private/invitation-only courses and activities.

Support Services

Program Advising

We provide assistance with developing new programs, including determining what topics to cover, what course types to use, and what markets to target. We also provide advising on how to grow enrollments or get more revenue generators out of existing programs.

Promotional Support

We provide a one-stop source of continuing education programs on our website, helping individuals find your program. 

Design Support

We offer training and have instructional designers on staff that can help guide you through the development of your course.