Lipid Lovers Meeting Announcement (PDF)

BMR2 room 101 (last Friday of each month 2-3pm, beginning March 30th)

Purpose: A forum for the presentation and discussion of research and ideas related to the study of lipids in biology and disease.

Format: Two 20 minute lab presentations with discussion. These meetings will foster productive scientific interactions and collaborations between investigators who are studying (or interested in) the role of lipids in various biological processes and pathologies (including, but not limited to, oxidative stress, inflammation, cardiovascular disease/atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, autoimmunity). These meetings will also facilitate progress on various lipid methodologies through a setting in which experimental approaches and plans can be discussed and specific goals/needs identified. Inquiries: Please contact Dr. Janusz Kabarowski ( (tel: 6-2082).

Schedule 2012

3-30-2012 Sasanka Ramanadham lab / GM Anantharamaiah lab
4-27-2012 Janusz Kabarowski lab / Hubert Tse lab
5-25-2012 Tim Garvey lab / Vinod Mishra lab
6-29-2012 Steve Pogwizd lab / open slot
7-27-2012 open slots
8-31-2012 open slots
9-28-2012 Jeonga Kim lab / Michael Rowse (Ming Luo lab)
10-26-2012 open slots
11-30-2012 open slots

Analytical Methods for Lipid