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Gwynne Mountz

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Amy Ward

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lauren humphreys

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Coloring and a lot of little crafts have been helpful.

Spring 2021 Wellness Days are intended to provide students, instructors, and instructional support staff some opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate.

Being patient and staying positive and thinking of others and ways to help.

DeeDee Barnes Bruns

Self care in the form or serious "nesting" has been helpful.

Amy Ward

The most difficult part of the pandemic for me was being away from my family.

The most difficult part of the pandemic for me has been adjusting to working from home while I also help my son do virtual school.

LaShell Cameron

The most difficult part of the pandemic for me was missing out on colleague family updates (children, fur babies, etc.).

Alex Whilding

The most difficult part of the pandemic for me was Finding the right work/life balance, especially with a new baby.

Susan Blazer

The most difficult part of the pandemic for me was the conflict within relationships that were all "stuck" together during the first stages of the pandemic and feeling like there was nowhere to get away from the conflict.

Courtney Felton

I have struggled with being inside all the time. I live alone, so unless I have a virtual meeting, I wasn't seeing anyone or talking to anyone most days.

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UAB Faculty and Staff,

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Dr. Austin with friends

Congratulations to Dr. Suzanne Austin who is starting at the College of Charleston as their next Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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Thank you to our Office of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research for sharing these opportunities. Please read below to learn more and register:


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Just last week, my 8-year-old daughter ran inside after playing tag with her brother. She was so upset she couldn’t stop herself from crying.


To say we have had to make major adjustments in our lives recently is an understatement. 


It is time for our annual Deans Challenge!


There is a strong friendship between the city of Birmingham and the country of Wales that goes back to 1963.


UAB’s global partnerships provide students with opportunities to understand the world and make it better.


Welcome! I believe an effective Provost’s Office serves the faculty and students of a university and builds and maintains an environment in which faculty are supported in teaching, research and student engagement.