Senior Vice Provost

  • Suzanne Austin Senior Vice Provost
    Phone: 205-934-6290
  • Amy Badham Director of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research
    Phone: 205-996-7080
  • Catherine Crowe Director, International Student and Scholar Services
    Phone: 205-934-1252
  • Erin Edwards Executive Assistant
    Phone: 205-934-8220
  • Jennifer Foster Director of Development
    Phone: 205-934-9476
  • Gregg Janowski Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation
    Phone: 205-934-8524
  • Brian Johnson Director of Education Abroad
    Phone: 205-975-6611
  • Brandi Lamon-Pinkerton Director of Communications
    Phone: 205-975-0815
  • Pam Paustian Executive Director, Division of eLearning and Professional Studies
    Phone: 205-975-9376
  • Scott Plutchak Director, Digital Curation
    Phone: 205-996-4716
  • Stephen Skells Director of Army ROTC, LTC
    Phone: 205-934-8746
  • Chad Steele Faculty Fellow; Assistant Dean for Research Administration, UAB School of Medicine
    Phone: 205-996-9598
  • Janice Ward Faculty Affairs Manager
    Phone: 205-996-7230
  • Majd Zayzafoon Director, International Education
    Phone: 205-934-5574