February 01, 2016

UAB to raise minimum wage for its hourly employees

vulcan videoUAB and UAB Medicine, Alabama’s largest single employer, with more than 23,000 faculty and staff, will raise minimum wage for its employees to $11 per hour starting with the pay period beginning March 20.

“UAB is proud to lead in the area of elevating its people at all levels of the institution,” said UAB President Ray Watts. “This change is consistent with our strategic imperative of creating an environment where all staff and faculty can succeed.”

Although this represents UAB’s first minimum wage increase since 2007, the institution already pays $8.24 per hour, above the $7.25 federal minimum wage. The increase will be reflected in the April 8 paychecks of more than 1,100 current UAB employees, who are expected to benefit directly when the change goes into effect.

Consistent with national best practices at other universities, the minimum wage floor for our part-time, temporary student-workers will remain at the federal minimum wage.

“This will continue to provide good opportunities for our students and allow them to remain competitive for these positions they enjoy,” said UAB Chief Human Resource Officer Alesia Jones.