October 02, 2017

Know your rights and UAB resources

help supportUAB is a large and complex organization. Subpoenas are routinely issued for UAB records such as employment records and medical records. Further, outside organizations, law enforcement, government investigators, media, or private individuals may also contact UAB faculty, staff or students for official UAB records, interviews, or information.

UAB has formally identified UAB staff responsible for handling these matters to enable UAB to provide an orderly and proper response and to protect the university, its faculty, students and employees while cooperating with any government inquiries or investigations. 

If you are approached by anyone conducting an investigation, requesting information or serving a subpoena or search warrant, you should contact the UAB Office of Counsel, UAB Police and/or University Relations to assist you. This also includes requests for information through the Alabama Open Records Act.

Specifically related to subpoenas and search warrants, you should contact the UAB Office of Counsel. With respect to investigations by outside organizations or individuals, you should contact the UAB Police or the UAB Office of Counsel. They can ensure the proper credentials of any individual purporting to be a member of law enforcement.

Members of the UAB community who find themselves in this position and are unsure of their rights or the appropriate way to respond are encouraged contact the appropriate UAB resources: Office of Counsel, 205-934-3474; UAB Police, 205-934-4434 (non-emergency), or 934-3535 or 911 (emergency); Media Relations, 205-934-3884; or open records requests, openrecords@uab.edu.