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Barnes’ expertise in mass spectrometry and soy has ­had a lasting effect nationally, internationally and with students

CAS pools resources to create only all-Mac open resource lab, classroom in Alabama

Committing to a healthy lifestyle can be hard to do, but UAB's Nefertiti Durant hopes technology can help

More than 150 area middle-school girls will come to campus April 21 for the second Girls in Science & Engineering Day.

The future of flight in the new design program is grounded in students’ real-word learning experiences.

All species of plants are subject to disease — a fact that can be devastating to an economy, wildlife and humans.

A German delegation of science education, business and government officials visited UAB to review the AMSTI program.

Julia Gohlke investigates the link between coal consumption, electricity use and health to weigh the implications for energy policy.
UAB is Alabama’s first university to employ the total TAH license giving unlimited use of MATLAB in both teaching and research activities.
Science & Technology Honors students organized the regional arm of Science Olympiad where high-school students competed for prizes.

The learning curve for entrepreneurs is sharp, especially if you’ve never fancied yourself a business magnate.