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January 05, 2021

Black and African American men ages 18 or older needed for research study

You could be eligible for a research study examining changes in blood pressure during the day and night. This study involves 3 visits that are completed within 3 weeks. The first two visits are to determine your eligibility (visit 1: 45-60min, visit 2: 15-20 min). The third visit is a 30-hour weekend stay at the UAB Sleep-Wake Disorders Clinic in UAB Hospital-Highlands. Participants will provide saliva and cheek swab samples while having their blood pressure and core body temperature monitored while awake for 30 hours. Compensation will be provided at the end of the study. Participants must be Black males, age 18+ with no hypertension, migraines, seizures or history of personality disorders, bipolar disorders or psychosis. For more information, email