May 03, 2022

Feel like you're missing out due to Major Depressive Disorder?

Feel like you're missing out? If you are being treated for major depressive disorder (MDD) but still feel a lack or loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities, the TERPSIS Study, a clinical research study on an investigational medication for MDD, be of interest to you. The TERPSIS Study is researching a potential MDD therapy to improve symptoms of depression, and you may be eligible to participate. This study is now enrolling adults diagnosed with MDD Those who qualify will receive the investigational medication (or placebo), study-specific medical exams, and study-specific laboratory tests at no costs. Participants in the TERPSIS Study must: -Be 18 to 65 years of age -Have a clinical diagnosis of MDD -Are currently taking or have recently taken antidepressant medication(s) -Still feel a lack of interest in usually pleasurable activities -Fulfill other eligibility criteria For more information, please email or call 205-975-8542.