June 01, 2022

Volunteers aged 50-75 years needed for a study on how salt in the diet relates to blood pressure

If you are age 50 -75 years, you may be eligible for a study to examine the effect of salt in the diet on blood pressure. Participation includes 4 in-person visits over 1-month; spaced 1-week apart, during which blood draws and blood pressure measurements will occur. If you qualify, you will eat your usual diet for 7 days, then study-provided meals that follow a low- salt diet for 7-days, and your own meals with extra salt in the form of study-provided bullion packets for 7 days, with a visit scheduled at the end of each. The day before these visits you will collect urine for 24 hours and wear a 24 hour blood pressure monitor. Study meals are provided at no cost to you, parking is provided, and additional compensation up to $350 is offered. Individuals with normal or treated and controlled high blood pressure, no food allergies, and who are not taking daily oral anti-inflammatory medicines (such as prednisone or ibuprofen) may be eligible for the study. For more information call 205-934-2024 or email kmhardy@uabmc.edu.