February 20, 2023

Application of a Reimbursable Form of Constraint- Induced Movement Therapy for Upper extremity Recovery Following Stroke: A Pilot Study

Did you or you know someone who had a stroke at least 6 months ago and still having difficulties in using the affected arm in your daily activities? If so, we would like o talk to you about our current study. If eligible, you will be asked to visit our clinic multiple times for training and assessment procedures. This study is being done as a distributed form of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CI Therapy) protocol termed Keys Treatment that can be easily implemented in the clinic. For more information, please contact Mary Bowman, OTR/L, C/NDT, LSVT-BIG (mbowman@uab.edu or 205-934-0069) or Sarah dos Anjos, OTD, PhD (smanjos@uab.edu).