March 02, 2023

Investigating Racial Differences in Diet Benefits for Knee Osteoarthritis (DIRECT)

We are looking for people with osteo knee arthritis to participate in a study to examine whether a diet intervention can reduce pain and improve quality of life. The commitment to this study will last approximately 7 weeks and include the following:

• Five (5) visits to UAB where you will fill out questionnaires, complete a DEXA scan, blood draw or Quantitative Sensory testing. These visits will last anywhere from 1-3 hrs.
• 6 weeks on a randomized diet, we will provide three (3) meals and two to three (2-3) snacks per day.

Participants must:

• Be currently suffering from pain related to osteo knee arthritis
• Be free from other serious health conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, metabolic disease)

Participants will receive up to $250 for completing the study and meals will be provided. Please contact DIRECT at (205) 834-3628. Leave a short message with your name and number.