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Meal Timing Study. We are looking for adults for an exciting research study to see whether meal timing can improve your blood sugar and your overall health. Participants will be randomly selected to either graze throughout the day, skip breakfast, or skip dinner for 8 weeks. You may be eligible if you are 30-70 years old, are overweight, are not taking diabetes medication, and wake up between 5:00 and 8:00 am regularly. Adults with prediabetes, blood sugar issues, or a family history of diabetes are encouraged to apply. This study involves two overnight tests in our clinic plus eating only food that we provide you. Participants will receive $1200 for completing the study and 8 weeks of meals, valued at a total of $2400. If you are interested, please visit https://bit.ly/mealtimingstudy to apply for the study. Or for more information, please contact Kimberly Armstead at mealtiming@uab.edu or (205) 484-5633.
The UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences is conducting a nutrition study looking at the effects of diet in Type 2 diabetes. You may qualify if you are ages 35-65, are African American or European American, have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes within the past 5 years, and are willing to travel to UAB for testing visits. Qualified participants will receive weekly groceries, personal health information, group support sessions with a Registered Dietitian, and monetary compensation for your time. For more information and to see if you qualify, please call 205-934-4386 or email LLG@uab.edu.
Researchers at UAB are conducting an exciting study in adolescents to investigate how diet quality influences body composition, quality of life, and other outcomes related to fatty liver disease. Overweight/obese children ages 10-17 who have elevated liver enzymes may be eligible to participate. Participation involves attending study visits, completing several assessments, and taking part in a nutrition program for 2 months. All participants and their parents will receive monetary compensation as well as two weeks of groceries valuing $330. For more information please call 205-975-0424 or email shima@uab.edu.
We are currently seeking individuals diagnosed with spinal cord injury (SCI) for a research study evaluating diet. The purpose of this study is to determine if a low carb or low fat diet is better for helping adults with SCI: 1) stick to their diet, 2) improve their body composition, and 3) lower their cardiometabolic risk factors (such as diabetes, heart disease, or stroke). This study is for adults with SCI ages 21-60. Participation is free, and compensation is provided. For more information, please call Ashley Sineath at 205-403-5510 or email at asineath@uab.edu