We are seeking volunteers with Type 2 Diabetes for a weight loss research study looking at the role of dietary protein in weight loss and the remission of type 2 diabetes. The study will last approximately 12 months. Participants will participate in a 16 week State of Slim group weight loss program and a 36 week State of Slim Next Steps weight loss maintenance program, with body composition scans and lab work at no charge. Participants will receive monetary stipends of $300 to reimburse for time and travel to study classes and study visits. You may qualify for this weight loss research study if you are nonvegetarian, 18 years of age or older, has Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed within the last 6 years, are overweight or obese with a BMI greater than or equal to 27. Must be willing to participate in weekly group weight loss classes for 16 weeks, bi-weekly weight loss maintenance classes for 36 weeks, and attend four study visits over 12 months at the Lakeshore Foundation Campus. Also is willing to regularly consume lean red meat or not consume any red meats. Please call (205)873-8241 or email cwyoder@uab.edu if you are interested.

Does when you eat affect your weight and body fat? UAB’s Department of Nutrition Sciences and Weight Loss Medicine Clinic are conducting a 14-week study to see if changing your mealtimes can help you lose more weight and more body fat. We are looking for people who are overweight, 25-75 years old, do not have diabetes, and who are willing to enroll in the weight loss program at UAB’s Weight Loss Medicine Clinic. Participants will either eat early in the day or eat throughout the day, and we will see if when you eat affects how much weight you lose, your body fat and muscle mass, and your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To participate in the study, you must enroll in as a new patient at the UAB Weight Loss Medicine Clinic, and you must not be participating in another weight loss study or program. In return for participating in the study, you will receive one-year clinic membership at the UAB Weight Loss Medicine Clinic (an $850 value), which includes individual sessions with a dietitian and weekly group classes; body scans to measure your body fat and muscle mass; and, testing for your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Your initial Weight Loss Medicine Clinic visit is not included in the $850 value, and this visit will be billed to your insurance and requires a copay. If you are interested, please contact either David (dbryan@uab.edu; 205-975-0269) or Cody (chanick@uab.edu; 205-934-5458) for more information.


Are you ages 18–27 and in overall good health? You may qualify for the PHITE study. PHITE is a randomized exercise dose response trial to better understand how exercise induces health benefits. Participants receive supervised exercise training with certified trainers, valuable information about their health, and up to $1000 compensation for their time.

UAB researchers are conducting a study to investigate how daily consumption of types of foods influences body weight and composition, and other outcomes related to risk of certain diseases. If you are ages 18-50 you may be eligible to participate. Participation involves attending 5 study visits, consuming a food item daily for 30 days, and acquiring measures related to body weight, body composition and glucose metabolism. You will be compensated for completing the study. For more information call: 205-975-4113 Enrollment is limited!

More than 1,200 employees compete in Scale Back, and resources to help you in your quest are plentiful at UAB.