African American men needed for a study that will examine cognition and its relationship with driving in older adults (50 and older) without HIV. To qualify, you must be HIV negative, 50 or older, be proficient in English, and must not be mentally impaired or have significant neuromedical issues. Eligible participants may be compensated $40 for 1 two-hour session. For more information, please call 205-975-9440 and ask for Caitlin Pope with the CHAD study.
Are you African American and a caregiver for a loved one who has memory problems that may be dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? You may qualify for a UAB study trying to understand your needs and support experiences. Please contact Dr. Olivio Clay at 205-934-2728 or if interested.
Lesbian and bisexual women needed to study how bacterial vaginosis — the most common vaginal infection — occurs. We want to understand the behaviors that put women at risk for this common infection and we want to improve screening and prevention. 205-996-2780
Healthy African American women age 19–45 yrs are needed for a dietary study. We are studying how genes influence the excretion of sodium and calcium in urine. The study involves consuming controlled diets prepared by the Clinical Research Unit, collecting all of your urine for 5 days, and providing 2 blood samples. Compensation $100. Contact M.C. Robertson, (205) 975-8341.
You may qualify if you ages 19-45, are African American or European American,  do not have diabetes, exercise less than 2 hours per week, and are willing to travel to UAB for screening and 4 testing visits. Participants will receive their blood sugar level, cholesterol level, bone density, fat mass, and muscle mass. Compensation up to $400 provided for completing all study visits. Please call 934-4386 for more information.

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