UAB algorithm offers doctors a step-by-step guide to connect patients with HIV to best smoking-cessation options.

Edward Hook, Virginia Wadley Bradley and Mark Prichard were honored as emeritus professors for exceptional service to the university and their profession.

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UAB Safe streamUnderstanding different types of bacteria, ways they’re transmitted and plans to keep your food safe is key to enjoying your tailgate and keeping guests healthy.

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Faculty at UAB developed Rigor, Reproducibility and Transparency to draw attention to common lab mistakes. The gamified online course has spread to 15 insitutions and counting.

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The ultimate goal of this work is to use findings to aid the development of an effective HIV vaccine to prevent infection.
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UAB and Birmingham stepped up to fight the virus that causes AIDS years ago when it could have easily turned away

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Meet Shalisa Sanders. She is the Employee of the Month
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