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Discoveries in the Making returns

  • January 31, 2020

discoveries stream 2020UAB graduate students and postdocs will share the results of their research when the “Discoveries in the Making” lecture series resumes this month with five local events in The Lumbar, a science-themed bar and restaurant located in Pepper Place, 212 29th St. South. Presentations begin at 6 p.m.

Feb. 11

“Exercise is a powerful medicine: How should we use it?”
Presented by Kaleen Lavin, Ph.D., Jeremy McAdam, Ph.D., Samia O’Bryan, Ph.D., Margaret Bell and Devin Drummer

The UAB Center for Exercise Medicine is working to understand the full range of benefits that come with exercise and ways we can take advantage of individual responses to training to maximize health outcomes.

March 10

“Miscommunication in schizophrenia brain”
Presented by Radhika Chadha, graduate student
Chadha’s research investigates how the signaling pathways in brains of people with schizophrenia relay altered signals that can result in defects in learning and working memory.

April 14

“Back pain bites the dust: Reprogramming stem cells to treat chronic back pain”
Presented by Sade Williams Clayton, doctoral student
Clayton’s research studies the signals required for spinal development and how those signals can be used to repair the spine when it starts to degenerate as we age.

“Seeing the whole picture: What can we learn from human brain-imaging?”
Presented by Sangeeta Nair, doctoral student
Nair will discuss the cutting-edge techniques she uses within the UAB Epilepsy Center to expand knowledge about where and when memory is taking place in the brain.

May 12

“Your friendly neighborhood superkid: The Influence of superheroes on children’s risk-taking behaviors”
Presented by Casie Morgan, doctoral student
Morgan will discuss the potential implications of superhero media on children’s risk-taking behavior. She will share different risky play behavior, presented in the four risk-outcome activities and discuss any differences or similarities between superhero and non-superhero groups.