Are you age 65 or older, feeling weak or fatigued, and finding it more difficult to be physically active? If so, you may be interested in the MASTERS Trial, a randomized, placebo-controlled trial at UAB to determine if the addition of a medicine (Metformin) will improve the effectiveness of strength training in older adults. Participants receive supervised exercise training 3 days/week for 14 weeks with certified trainers in the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine, and free assessments of health and functional status, body composition, and fitness. To learn more, complete the questionnaire at (preferred) or call 205-934-6231
Caucasian or African-American woman age 21-40 needed to participate in an exercise intensity study that is being conducted by the UAB Departments of Human Studies and Nutrition Sciences. This is a 16-week study that requires (4) overnight stays at UAB (over a 16 week period). If you are diabetic, smoke or are more than moderately overweight, you will not qualify. Participants will enroll in an exercise program bike riding and walking). Improve your fitness level and receive information that includes your daily caloric expenditure, physical fitness level, bone density and body fat composition. May be compensated. Brandon, the Exercise Intensity Study, 975-3806.
You may qualify if you are a Caucasian or African American female age 21-45, do not have diabetes, exercise less than 2 hours per week, and are willing to travel to UAB for screening and a testing visit. Participants will receive their blood sugar level, cholesterol level, bone density, fat mass and muscle mass. Compensation up to $125 provided for completing all study visits. 205-975-5664 for more information.
Healthy, overweight 7-11 year females needed to participant in an observational study to investigate health effects of prolonged sitting. We are recruiting African or European American, prepubertal females for a 16-week study. Involves four 2-day visits and compensation. Annie, 975-3494.
This study will examine the effectiveness of two types of group exercise classes on the health and functional status in inactive adults age 19-65 with Multiple Sclerosis. You will be randomly assigned to one of three groups; Movement2Music, Adapted Yoga, or a waitlist group who will complete a home-based exercise intervention of either Movement to Music or Adapted Yoga. Email for more information.
If you are an overweight female ages 25-44, we are seeking participants to evaluate the effects of counseling on exercise behavior and adherence. To find out more details and to determine of you qualify for this study, please contact Dr. Jane Roy at (205)934-1757 or Caroline at (205)996-1656,, within the UAB Department of Human Studies

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