Receive discounts on body work and oil changes.
On-site while you work mobile car wash.
UAB discount on parts and accessories.
Discounts on labor available
Auto repairs at a discount
Discounts on oil change, repairs
Discounts on labor, free rental car for the day
Discounts available for new members
Savings on testing and installation
Savings on Volvo purchases or leases

Discounts offered on wireless service


Discounts on wireless services and accessories.

Discounts on qualified phone rate plans and features.

Save on HP and Compaq.

Discounts available on software/hardware

Apple Store Discounts. Shop Online.

Discounts on select systems
Save on select Bose products
Discounts on delicious cupcakes
Buy one meal, get a second free!
Discounts on delicious bakery goods

Free soft drink with purchase.

Ask for the UAB employee discount

UAB discount on purchases and catering.

Discounts available at UAB Hospital cafeterias

Free drink with $7 purchase

UAB employee discounts offered at Brio.

10% discount on all items

Ask for the UAB employee discount

Use UAB discount to have carpets cleaned
Spruce up your house with blinds
Get or renew a membership, receive gift card
Get the UAB discount on furniture, mattresses
Use UAB discount for maintenance and repairs
Need a room painted? Use the UAB discount
Energy efficient upgrade discounts available
Discounts on new systems or tune ups
Save on materials and labor
Save on services to remove those pesky creatures.
Feel secure with the UAB discount
Free system, $100 Visa gift card with UAB discount
Don't move it yourself, use UAB discount
Keep your pets safe and happy
Keep your pets healthy
Discounts available for pet care
Train doggy, use UAB discount
Let someone else maintain your yard

Online discounts on rainwater catchment supplies

Discounted lawn service offered.

Monthly discount with a 12-month lease.

Discounted application fee.

Discounted move-in fees.

Treat yourself to a new look
Relax, refresh, rejuvenate.
Treat yourself to a massage.
Enjoy a spa day with  UAB discount
Have a day of beauty with UAB discount
Free products with $20 purchase
Discount of vision needs online
Refresh your closet with the UAB employee discount.
Suit up with the UAB employee discount
Spend less and use the UAB employee discount.
Check the website for Loft Loves Teachers discount
See the website for UAB discount
Discount available on in-store purchases
Make is sparkle with the UAB employee discount
Discount on unique beaded jewelry
Give the gift of jewelry with UAB discount
Jewelry at a discount, free shipping
Discounts on all shoes at Galleria store
Employee discount can help keep you in shape.
Shoe shopping? Take the employee discount with you.

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