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Questions about the $400 vaccine incentive payments?

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  • September 03, 2021

vaccination incentive streamUAB and UAB Health System employees who have been vaccinated or received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and choose to complete the incentive application by Sept. 30 are eligible for a one-time $400 incentive payment from the university.

At this time, the vast majority of UAB faculty and staff — about 70% — have been vaccinated, and the one-time $400 incentive and vaccine mandate for clinical employees should move us closer to 100%.

Some of the more frequently asked questions about the incentive are answered here:

Q: Why offer an incentive?

The vaccine is free, safe and effective in preventing serious complications among people who may contract COVID-19, and the highly infectious Delta variant is widespread in Alabama. Regardless of your age, health status, or prior exposure to the virus, this vaccine will help protect you, your family, and our community and also help ensure UAB can sustain its education and patient care missions while the pandemic continues.

Q: Who is eligible for the voluntary incentive payment? 

The incentive payment is available to all regular full- and part-time employees and post-docs (status 21) who have been vaccinated and complete the form by Sept. 30.

Q: Do I have to complete a form to receive the payment?

Yes. Qualifying employees will be eligible for the one-time $400 incentive payment if they choose to complete the Employee Health vaccine incentive application

Q: What information do I need to complete the form?

As part of the incentive application, you need the manufacturer’s name, the lot number and date listed on the card you were provided when you were vaccinated.

Q: How do I prove I received the vaccine if I didn’t get it at UAB?

All the information you need is on the card provided to you at the time you received the vaccination: the manufacturer’s name, the lot number and date of vaccination. 

A free, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine that protects against serious complications is available. Regardless of your age, health status, or prior exposure to the virus, the benefit of this vaccine far outweighs the short-term, minor side effects of the vaccination. If you need one, you can get one by appointment or at a walk-in clinic on campus.

Q: How can I opt out of getting the vaccination payment? 

If you do not want to receive the payment, do not choose to complete the incentive payment application. 

Q: When is the payment going to be made? 

The $400 employee incentive for university and Health System employees will be paid in late fall to eligible employees who are employed on the date of the payout. 

Vaccinated employees who applied for the incentive by Sept. 30 will receive that payment as early as Nov. 4 and no later than Dec. 16. Employees who timely requested a religious or medical/disability vaccine exemption and have been approved will also receive the incentive payment.

Q: Is the payment taxed like salary and wages?

A: Per guidance from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), this one-time $400 incentive payment is classified as taxable income. Federal, state, and local taxes will be withheld.

Q: Can I get an exemption for medical reasons, because I have a disability, or because a vaccination is against my religious beliefs?

Yes. Individuals can apply for a medical, disability or religious exemption. The current deadline to seek an exemption is Sept. 21. You can Click here to request an exemption.

Individuals will be notified via email of whether their request for an exemption is approved or denied. An individual may appeal the denial of an exemption in writing via email to within three business days of the date of receiving the denial notification. All appeals will be reviewed and the individual will be notified via email of the decision.

Q: Will I still be eligible for the incentive payment if I have an exemption?

Yes.  The incentive payment is available to all regular full- and part-time employees and post-docs (status 21) who have been vaccinated and/or have an approved exemption by Sept. 30.

Q: Will I be required to submit information about my vaccination status prior to requesting an exemption?

No.  You do not need to provide information regarding your vaccination status in order to request an exemption.