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Control over access to campus facilities and new technologies will enhance security for faculty, staff and students.

UAB Safe streamIf you notice overtly strange behavior or emotional changes in a colleague, student or even yourself, file a report with UAB’s Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management team. Complete an online form or contact a team member.

UAB Safe streamBefore you crank the car, think about these four things that increase the risk of a crash — from drowsy driving to road rage — to increase the likelihood you’ll get safely to your destinations this summer.

UAB Safe streamWhen working in high-rise buildings filled with electrical items, fire preparedness can be key.

UAB Safe streamBefore you hop on that bike to commute to work or head across campus, make sure you, your bicycle and your knowledge of the road are ready.

UAB Safe streamWorried that expensive piece of tech or favorite jacket might be stolen? Follow these tips to reduce the chance of it happening.

UAB Safe streamSevere weather preparedness is key when living and working in a location such as Birmingham, and UAB has several resources that, when coupled with personal initiatives, can help keep you safe during bad weather.

UAB Safe streamGoing out alone after dark in the city can be nerve-wracking for some, but it doesn't have to be  — especially when UAB has multiple resources to help keep you safe.

UAB’s free self-defense and awareness training teaches women the essentials of fighting back and fighting back effectively. Learn more and see inside the training in a new video.

The Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management team evaluates and manages behavioral threats to the UAB community. 

Disability Support Services uses a novel way to get others thinking about universal design and inclusion when planning events or activities. 

Students and employees now can request a safety escort ride without having to make a phone call or leave their place of safety using the same Transloc app that tracks Blazer Express buses.
UAB performs as well as or better in safety statistics compared to similar urban institutions — and many traditional, non-urban college campuses — including Emory, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Memphis and Houston. In most cases, UAB is significantly safer.
UAB employees can recycle used toner and ink cartridges by dropping them in Campus Mail. UAB will manage collection and recycling efforts and use the proceeds to fund sustainability projects.

UAB Emergency Management and Safety in the Department of Occupational Health and Safety works to ensure employees and students know how to safely evacuate a building in the event of an emergency.

The UAB Blazer Express Safety Escort now provides late-night, on-demand van service for UAB students and employees 9 p.m.-5:30 a.m. every day.  Call 205-934-8772 to request a ride on campus.

The UAB Police Department is providing free training for employees and students to help them respond and remain safe during an active shooter or violent intruder event.

There’s been a string of large, deadly tornadoes impacting the United States in recent years, and UAB researchers say benefits of preparation trump previous false alarms.
UAB to conduct emergency drill June 7

On Jan. 23, B-ALERT — UAB’s emergency notification system —reached 40,000 employees and students to warn them of tornadoes in the area.

UAB medical professionals who were in New York on 9/11 when the World Trade Center was attacked remember that day and the lessons learned.

April 27 was a reminder disasters can happen any time and any where. Take steps to make sure your family is prepared.

UAB employees and students should not text while driving, says UAB Chief of Police Anthony Purcell. He says the UAB Police Department can and will enforce the measure passed by the Birmingham City Council.
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