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The Research Technology and Communication office is responsible for administering IRAP research eRA system, managing the Office of Vice President for research websites, and communicating important information to the UAB research community.



IRB e-Portfolio Training Resources


The Office of the Institutional Review Board (OIRB), in collaboration with the UAB Research Technology & Communication (RTC) office, is excited to launch the new IRB e-Portfolio on August 28, 2020. This dynamic and user-friendly application process has been streamlined to utilize branching logic with specific questions to better ascertain the regulatory information necessary to make IRB determinations.

IRB e-Portfolio Virtual Town Hall

IRB ePortfolio – Things to Know

UAB OIRB ePortfolio Investigator Training

Investigator Training Presentation

Instructions for Testing IRB eForms

Initial Application Submission Using the ePortfolio

How to Create an Amendment within the ePortfolio

IRB e-Portfolio FAQs

How To Create a SIRB Site Addition Amendment

How to Create a Continuing Review for Pre-ePortfolio Applications

How to Create an Amendment for Pre-ePortfolio Applications