Due to adjustments for policies and procedures implemented during COVID 19, undergraduate research will have new guidance.

In-Person Research

In-person research will only be allowed for undergraduates who have already been working in a lab/or with a mentor/primary investigator. The mentor/primary investigator must complete the resumption of research operation plan R2Ops.

Students who have not been in a lab or working with a mentor before Spring 2021 but still wish to begin research in Spring 2021 may apply for exemption.

Virtual Research

Undergraduate research can still be completed online with a mentor. Options include:

  • Literature reviews
  • Data analysis
  • Surveys
  • Journal book clubs
  • Book and article reviews

Additionally, there are research courses offered online or that do not require in person contact. Talk to your research mentors about alternatives.

Additional Prerequisites

All students must complete the CITI training to start research. If you are going to do research in the School of Medicine you must also take the pre-requisite PSDO 200 Introduction to Research course (1 credit hour).