UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC)

NORC cosponsors multiple seminars with the UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences. Many of the seminars are recorded and available for viewing on their website. Microsoft Silverlight is required to view video presentations until June, 2015. No plugins required to view video presentations from July, 2015. Past seminar topics include:

  • Increasing Healthspan in Obese Older Adults
  • The Role of Heat Balance in Body Mass Maintenance
  • The Circadian System and Its Disruption Impact Metabolic and Cardiovascular Function in Humans
  • Hijacking the Senses: Modulation of Healthy Aging in Drosophila through Perceptual Systems
  • Expanding the role of imaging biomarkers to assess disease risk in children

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UAB Department of Biology

The department sponsors regular seminars during the academic year that are open to the public. Past seminar topics include:
  • Genetics studies in Mice Identifying Novel Aging Genes
  • Finding the Right Partner: A Meiotic Biologist's Take on a Major Life Problem
  • The Leptin-IGF1 Axis in Musculoskeletal Aging
  • How do Plant Pathogens Thrive Inside Hostile Hosts

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UAB Department of Pathology

The department sponsors the Advances in Molecular & Cellular Pathology seminar during the academic year that are open to the public. Past seminar topics include:

  • What the Natural World can Teach Us about Cellular Processes that Retard Aging
  • Disrupted Energy Metabolism in Fatty Liver Disease
  • Why do Type 2 Diabetes Patients have Increased Risk for Bone Fracture?
  • Mitochondrial Turnover in the Heart: Seeing the Tide with New Eyes

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UAB Department of Neurobiology

The department sponsors regular seminars and symposiums. Past seminar topics include:

  • Novel Insights into the Role of Innate Immunity in Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Longevity and the Aging Brain
  • Symposium — Memory and Aging: Novel Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches
  • Maternal and Paternal Gene Networks in the Brain

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Webinar: Incorporating Rigor, Reproducibilty, and Transparency into Aging Projects and Papers

This webinar is co-sponsored by the Nathan Shock Centers Coordinating Center and Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington. It took place on December 4, 2017. Access the webinar materials at the IUB-SPH and NSCE web page