patient careWith a degree as a Clinical Pathologist Assistant – you choose your path. You know what? Maybe you even create your path.

Use your strengths in communication, test utilization algorithms, team building, quality, relationships, and clinical application to make an impact on the ever-changing dynamics of health care. Our Clinical Pathologist Assistant (CPA) program is an advanced-practice program for the Medical Laboratory Science profession.

Currently, professionally-relevant advanced degree options are extremely limited for anyone wishing to continue their education once they have received their entry-level certification. Additionally, the practice of laboratory medicine is at times sub-optimal due to inadequate collaboration among physicians, patients, nurses, and medical laboratory scientists, in relation to laboratory testing.

Help Improve Care

We are all aware that there are many over- and under-utilized tests, leading to wasted money and resources, and decreased quality of patient care. Graduates of this degree program would alleviate some of these communication problems by their ability to synthesize clinical and laboratory data and provide a narrative interpretation to help guide and support the decision-making process by the healthcare team (including patients) based upon medical evidence. These individuals will also have the skill sets needed to assist the pathologist in their daily tasks including conducting test work-ups, interpreting data, providing consulting on appropriate test utilization and result interpretation, and other advanced-practice job tasks.

Graduates should be well prepared for these duties in addition to consulting roles with physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and other healthcare providers upon completion of the program. As a result, CPAs can directly contribute to improving the quality of patient care from the aspect of laboratory testing.


The Clinical Pathological Assistant program is committed to providing high-quality education, to prepare students with a solid educational background and a set of skills translatable to a variety of health care settings. Visit the UAB Graduate School catalog for the curriculum and course descriptions for this program.


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