student explains research at expoThe Biomedical Sciences major has a broad healthcare-focused curriculum, allowing students to choose from many different paths to careers or advanced degrees. Students in the program are provided with hands-on experience and have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom in research and clinical settings.

As part of the program, Biomedical Sciences students are encouraged to take advantage of research and internship opportunities, as well as career services that are offered through the School of Health Professions and UAB.

Research Opportunities

Students in the Biomedical Sciences major can start research projects as early as their Freshmen year. Research can include both traditional benchwork, as well as clinical research where you work alongside a physician. Undergraduate students are allowed in laboratory facilities and have access to support through the UAB Office of Undergraduate Research. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged, providing an opportunity for students to work with students and faculty in other areas. UAB also has an undergraduate research publication, Inquiro, which gives students an opportunity to publish their research, as well as participate in the editorial process.

We encourage you to look at the School of Health Professions Undergraduate Research and Honors program because it offers you the opportunity to experience real world team-based problem solving and the possibility to earn research certificates.

Practicum Opportunities

Students in the Biomedical Sciences major are required to complete a practicum. Students are provided help in finding practicum opportunities in the fields and areas of healthcare that interest them the most. With the UAB Health System and connections with other healthcare providers, both locally and nationally, students can choose from a wide range of clinical- and research-focused areas.

Career Resources

The Biomedical Sciences major and minor can help prepare students for many different types of health professions and other careers. The broad nature of the program can make it both easy and harder to find a career because of the many options available. Advisors within the Biomedical Sciences program help students discover and plan for their careers, and additional career resources are available through the UAB Career & Professional Development office.