The Enrichment Program of the DRC consists of a monthly seminar series, periodic roundtable discussions, larger scale diabetes-related workshops, conferences, short courses, and a Web-based video series. All of these activities are integrated into a comprehensive program that serves two key aims of the DRC. First, it is central to the DRC mission to promote interaction and discussion among the investigator base to foster multidisciplinary collaborations. These interactions serve to keep individual faculty abreast of the latest developments in the field, but they also provide a rich environment of ideas and personal contacts from which cross-disciplinary collaborative projects are born. Thus, the Enrichment Program is central to a sense of intellectual community that will not only involve regular and supported members of the DRC, but clinical and affiliate members as well. Second, the Enrichment Program is critical for education and training for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and clinical trainees.

The Enrichment Program also serves as a convenient portal of entry for non-DRC faculty and students in the UAB and Southern Research Institute communities to gain access to the latest information regarding diabetes mellitus research activities, thereby fostering additional collaborations.



Monika M. Safford, MD

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Hubert Tse, Ph.D. 

Shelby Building 1202
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Jeonga Kim, Ph.D.

Building 777
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