Welcome to the Healthy Aging through LifesTyle in Multiple Sclerosis (HALT MS) Research Center!

The HALT MS Research Center is funded by a grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). The funding supports the collaboration of scientists from units across the UAB campus in pursuit of improving physical and cognitive functions through the focus on healthy, lifestyle behaviors such as physical activity and diet. This is accomplished through interdisciplinary, collaborative pilot research grants as well as seminars, symposia, and mentoring/training opportunities. The ultimate goal of the Center involves addressing the intersection of aging and living with a chronic disease for promoting quality of life (QOL) and independence, and supporting all people with MS in living the best possible life.

“The HALT MS Research Center will address the central hypothesis that lifestyle, behavioral interventions can prevent, slow, or reverse age-related declines in physical and cognitive function that erode quality of life and independence among older adults with MS."

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