Below are the general UAB tuition and fees for School of Health Professions students based upon the 2014-2015 academic year. The tuition and fee schedule is subject to change by the Board of Trustees at the beginning of any term.

Please note: Executive programs have a different fee structure. Please go to the bottom of the page to find your programs' fees.

TUITION (per semester credit hour)


(Alabama residents)




$566 first credit hour - $351 subsequent

$1038 first credit hour - $823 subsequent



$691 first credit hour - $476 subsequent

$1,333 first credit hour - $1,118 subsequent


In-State and Out-of-State students

Student Service Fee

Included in Tuition

Student Recreation Center:

Included in Tuition 

Campus Dining Fee Undergraduate Enrolled for 12 or more hours

$225 per semester

Building Fee

Included in Tuition


Included in Tuition

On-line Course Fee

$250 per on-line course

Student Health Service Fee

$100 per semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)



Graduation Fee


NOTE: UAB charges 2.5 times the resident tuition rate for non-resident students in undergraduate and graduate credit hour programs. Non-resident first professional students are charged three times the resident tuition rate. UAB does not double fees such as student service, learning resource or building fees for non-resident students.

Additional general information on UAB Tuition and Fees

Information on projected student expenses for specific SHP academic programs is available below in Adobe PDF. Please note the tuition fees reflected are for in-state costs only. If the program you are interested in does not appear in the list, please contact the program director for more information.

Administration – Health Services, Ph.D. - Estimated Costs

Administration – Health Services, D.Sc. (Executive) - Estimated Costs

Biomedical Sciences, B.S. - Estimated Costs

Biotechnology, M.S. - Estimated Costs

B.S. in Health Care Management to M.S. in Occupational Therapy Fast Track - Estimated Costs

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, M.S.-Estimated Costs

Clinical Nutrition, M.S. (Thesis) - Estimated Costs 

Clinical Nutrition, M.S. (Non-thesis) - Estimated Costs 

Dietetic Internship, Certificate - Estimated Costs

Genetic Counseling, M.S. - Estimated Costs

Health Administration, M.S.H.A. (Residential) - Estimated Costs

Health Administration, M.S.H.A. (Executive) - Estimated Costs

Health Administration/M.B.A. dual program, M.S.H.A./M.B.A. - Estimated Costs

Health Administration/Health Informatics dual program, M.S.H.A./M.S.H.I. - Est. Costs

Health Informatics, M.S.H.I. - Estimated Costs

Health Informatics/Health Information Management dual program - Estimated Costs

Health Information Management, B.S. - Estimated Costs

Health Care Management, B.S. - Estimated Costs

Healthcare Quality in Safety Certificate

Healthcare Quality in Safety Certificate(part-time)

Healthcare Quality in Safety M.S.

Healthcare Quality in Safety, M.S. (part-time)

Medical Technology, B.S. - Estimated Costs

Nuclear Medicine Technology, B.S. - Estimated Costs

Nuclear Medicine Technology, Computed Tomography Concentration - Est. Costs

Nutrition Sciences, Ph.D. - Estimated Costs

Occupational Therapy, M.S. - Estimated Costs

Physical Therapy, D.P.T. - Estimated Costs

Physician Assistant, M.S.P.A. - Estimated Costs

Rehabilitation Sciences, Ph.D. - Estimated Costs

Respiratory Therapy, B.S. - Estimated Costs