New BMD Area DebutsWhen you are accepted to UAB with a major in the School of Health Professions, you become a pre-professional student.

Once you complete foundation courses (about two years), you can apply to enter a SHP program of study, where you will begin your major’s curriculum. School advisors who are familiar with clinical disciplines will help you determine which courses satisfy pre-professional requirements. Some SHP programs offer opportunities for early admission.

Note: Admission to UAB does not guarantee admission to the professional phase of any SHP program.

UAB Undergraduate Admission

B.S. in Health Care Management to M.S. in Occupational Therapy Fast Track
If you know you want to be an occupational therapist, this is the fast track to get there. OT's assist individuals when physical or mental illness, trauma, development conditions or aging processes interfere with performance of significant life tasks.

Biomedical Sciences, B.S.
The Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences program prepares graduates for entry into the biomedical science workforce or for graduate and professional study in health professions such as physician assistant studies, medicine, physical therapy, biotechnology, clinical laboratory science, genetic counseling, and many more.

Health Care Management, B.S.
Health care management professionals manage hospitals, clinics, medical supply firms, and other health care organizations.