Cover Snapshots Spring 2019It is always interesting to see buzz word descriptions finally catch up with the great work of our alumni. Take Amanda Phillips for example – converting cars for children to use is today’s “life hack”; or Rusty English – who became a “value proposition” himself; or Jennifer Taylor Agricola – with “transformative” work for a Ugandan orphanage; or Gigi Carter – causing “disruption” with her plant-based workplace efforts; or Chris and Megan Davis taking “functional fitness” beyond client expectations.

But if you look beyond the catchy phrases and you drop the labels, you see one word that defines each of these – as well as the majority of School of Health Professions’ alumni – versatility.

In this issue of Snapshots we look at the ability of our alumni to successfully and simultaneously adapt, solve complex problems, and accomplish a variety of goals. We hope their stories inspire you, the way they’ve inspired us.

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