SHP Snapshots 50 Years Cover 600In 2019, UAB celebrated its 50th anniversary. We took this opportunity to celebrate our history (which began a few years before UAB was UAB) with a journey back in time to relive the moments, the discoveries, the fashions and the hair that defined 50 years of UAB and our School.

We take you from the days way back when UAB was just an "extension center" to today where UAB has 100+ buildings on 100+ Birmingham city blocks with 22,000+ students and 23,000+ employees.

In this issue of Snapshots, we take you decade-by-decade to reveal the unique impact our people have had, and continue to have, on our campus, our community and healthcare.

And we look to the future - to the next five decades and the year 2069. Our alumni share their hopes about the changes they hope to inspire, plus their wishes about the things they hope never change - those little things that make our School special.

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