Ableism 101

A strong starting point for learning about and addressing ableism, comes from Access Living, a group with "a long history of doing what it takes to make sure people with disabilities can live the lives they choose." Their article, titled Abelism 101, tells you "what it is, what it looks like, and how to become a better ally."

Support for Disabled Folks

One of the links they share is Support for Disabled Folks. This webpage from Simmons University has links for practicing self-care, coping strategies, plus, community education and support.

Disability Language Style Guide

Recognizing language and perception changes quickly, the National Center on Disability and Journalism developed a Disability Language Style Guide to help people figure out how to refer to people with disabilities. Although it was created with journalists in mind, this guide is an invaluable tool for everyone as it covers dozens of words and terms commonly used when referring to disability and is updated often.

Art Resources for People with Disabilities

Art is a wonderful way for people to share self-expression, break through stereotypes and communicate their vision with others. The New York Foundation for the Arts created a webpage, titled Art Resources for People with Disabilities, that covers organizations who support this work, as well as groups specific to dance, drama, film, music, theater and art therapy.

Share Your Favorite Resources

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