Every year, the School of Health Professions recognizes top faculty, staff and students with awards.

The difficult task of narrowing down the best to one person goes to our Honors and Recognition Committee. The 2017-2018 committee, chaired by Amanda Dorsey, includes Tosi Gilford, Mary Foster, Doug Moellering, David Morris, Amanda Sherman and Sarah Tucker.


SHP Dean, Harold Jones and PT student Dhara ShahThere are four major awards for SHP students. Eligible students should have graduated either in May or August, or will be graduating in December of the current year.

Dean’s Leadership and Service Award
This award is presented to up to three outstanding students for leadership and service to the school, University and the community. More than one student may be nominated from each program. The criteria include: GPA and other scholastic awards and achievements (30%), collegiate and program - related public service activities while enrolled in SHP (45%), other collegiate activities prior to enrolling in SHP (15%) and community activities (10%). To nominate a student, please click here to download the nomination form.

Cecile Clardy Satterfield Award for Humanism in Health Care
This award recognizes an outstanding student for humanitarianism, professionalism and commitment to health care. Nominations may be made by faculty, clinical supervisors, students and/or patients. More than one student may be nominated from each program. To nominate a student, please click here to download the nomination form.

Alfred W. Sangster Award for Outstanding International Student
This award is presented to an outstanding international student in recognition of academic and non-academic accomplishments. More than one student may be nominated from each program. To nominate a student, please click here to download the nomination form.

Charles Brooks Award for Creativity
This award is presented to an outstanding student in recognition of creative accomplishments (written publications, artistic contributions, etc.) which complemented the student’s academic activities in the school and UAB. More than one student may be nominated from each program. To nominate a student, please click here to download the nomination form.


Vega Smith AwardRamon Vega, 2016 winnerThe Beverly W. Smith Outstanding Employee Award is for a non-faculty employee who excels in numerous areas such as professionalism, attitude, productivity, efficiency, creativity, communication and competence.

Rebecca Miller, 2004
ShirleyJohnson, 2005
Lee Test, 2006
Maggie Hawkins, 2007
Connie Bonds, 2008
Pamela C. Smith, 2009
Nicole Temple, 2010
Paul A. Zuckerman, 2011
Katie Adams, 2012
Marcie Battles, 2013
Mary Foster, 2014
Amanda Sherman, 2015
Ramon Vega, 2016

Perez Teaching AwardPatty Perez, 2016 winnerExcellence in Teaching Award is for a faculty member who exhibited success in developing effective teaching methods, courses and teaching materials that generate student learning, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and research.

Jan Rowe, 2004
Linda Jeff, 2005
Pam Paustian, 2006
Jonathan Waugh, 2007
Debra Eddins Laken, 2008
Chad Epps, 2009
M. Tino Unlap, 2010
Stephen J. O’Connor, 2011
Diane Clark, 2012
John Lowman, 2013
Michelle Brown, 2014
Kristopher Maday, 2015
Patty Perez, 2016

Borkowski NancyNancy Borkowski, 2016 winnerExcellence in Service Award is for a faculty member who has made significant contributions to the School or their profession including projects and positions that bring national, state or local recognition and more.

Kay Clements, 2005
José Fernández, 2006
Audrey Harris, 2007
Wesley Granger, 2008
Jan Rowe, 2009
Norman E. Bolus, 2010
Jennifer Braswell Christy, 2011
Kara Caruthers, 2012
Kathy Nugent, 2013
Donna Slovensky, 2014
Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, 2015
Nancy Borkowski, 2016

Weech Maldonado Scholarship AwardRobert Weech-Maldonado, 2016 winnerExcellence in Scholarship Award is for the faculty member has made significant scholarly contributions resulting in the advancement of knowledge. Contributions include funded research, involvement in research process, publications in peer reviewed journals and more.

Barbara Gower, 2006
Tim Nagy, 2007
W. Timothy Garvey, 2008
Maria DeLuca, 2010
Laura K. Vogtle, 2011
Qinglin Yang, 2012
James Rimmer, 2013
Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, 2014
Eta Berner, 2015
Robert Weech-Maldonado, 2016

The Joseph F. Volker Award is for the regular, full-time faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in and dedication to teaching, distinctive research and other scholarly endeavors, and/or notable service to the School, University and community.

Morris Volker AwardDavid Morris, 2016 winner JoAnn Clelland, 1985
Michael A. Thompson, 1986
S. Robert Hernandez, 1987
Garvice G. Nicholson, Jr., 1988
Robert J. Heacock, 1989
Kennon T. Francis, 1990
Dorothy Pinkston, 1991
Richard Bamberg, 1993
Betty G. Denton, 1994
Carol B. Craig, 1995
Louise Thibodeaux, 1996
Jan A. Rowe, 1997
Sara S. Grostick, 1998
Susan L. Perkins, 1999
Roland L. Weinsier, 2000
Randal H. Robertson, 2001
Laura K. Vogtle, 2003
Howard W. Houser, 2004
Donna J. Slovensky, 2005
Cara Adams, 2006
Richard M. Shewchuk, 2007
Mary Warren, 2008
Patricia Jennings, 2009
Jamy Ard, 2010
José Fernández, 2011
Robert Weech-Maldonado, 2012
Tim Nagy, 2013
Cecilia Graham, 2014
Pamela Paustian, 2015
David Morris, 2016