Lynn ElginLynn Elgin is the principal and director of The Clarus Consulting Group, Inc., a management consulting company in Birmingham, Alabama. Elgin is a two-time graduate of UAB, having earned both a master of public administration in 1991 and a Master of Science in Health Administration from the School of Health Professions in 1993. 

Elgin excels in creating and evaluating programs for the diverse client base served by Clarus. Applying skills developed in her previous work in the healthcare and financial services industries, she brings unique value to clients’ efforts to improve human resource management, strategic planning, business planning, organizational assessment and development. Elgin understands the intricacies of working in highly regulated and complex environments, and the importance of looking at organizations and their employees from all angles and with a balanced and individualized perspective.

Elgin works with organizations to ensure alignment of goals at all levels, appropriate development of teams, and development of effective methods of evaluation. Meanwhile, her certifications in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Change Style Indicator, and the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Instruments add yet another distinct component to Clarus’ work in strategy and planning, leadership development, management training, and change management.

All clients of Clarus benefit from her extensive background in financial services. In the area of healthcare management, Elgin provides clients with unique insights and expertise not only into the processes involved, but also the complex culture of the healthcare industry. She works with large hospitals, small physician practices, medical technology and research firms, academic research institutions, and professional societies to implement high-level visioning processes.

Where others focus on immediate obstacles, Clarus approach helps clients build on their strengths and identify opportunities for making the organization the best it can be, now and in the future. Clarus is dedicated to helping organizations of all types function at a higher level.

At Clarus, they connect with clients in ways that go far beyond traditional approaches to strategy and planning,communications and stakeholder engagement, leadership development and management training, and change management. The firm is geared specifically to helping clients make difficult choices in a variety of complex environments. They deliver outcomes that are measurable, providing high-value solutions designed to improve the client’s bottom line and build their internal capacity for planning and managing future change and growth.