Minor in Nutrition Sciences

Nutrition MinorThe minor in Nutrition Sciences from UAB will give you an understanding of health education, nursing, public health, medical research, and community health. This undergraduate minor is a strong addition if you are interested in in the science and application of nutrition in health-related professions. You will gain a firm foundation of knowledge in food studies, food systems, nutrition and health, nutrition and genetics, lifecycle nutrition, and consumer nutrition. You will have the experience of examining food and nutrition practices as well as learn policies that affect sustainable diets and long-term health. This program can also help you meet the prerequisite requirements for a master's degree in nutrition. Learn more about the Nutrition Sciences minor.

Offered Completely Online

This program can be taken completely online. No on-campus coursework is required.

Prerequisites for Admission and Program Curriculum

A complete list of prerequisites and courses are available in the UAB School of Health Professions Undergraduate Catalog.

Application Process

The minor in Nutrition Sciences is available to any current UAB student in good academic standing. Before declaring a minor in Nutrition Sciences, you must take and pass NTR 222: Nutrition and Health. All courses in the Nutrition minor are offered online. Declaring a minor in Nutrition Sciences is done through BlazerNet.

Career Paths and Job Opportunities

There is a growing need in community settings for support workers who focus on nutrition and health promotion, particularly for child and maternal health groups, older adults, school, and childcare based nutrition education and for agencies who build health initiatives within and across communities. Further, with the stresses of a growing elderly population and co-morbidities associated with the obesity epidemic, there is a need for an expanded and diverse healthcare workforce. While this track does not qualify you to become a registered dietitian nutritionist, you will be positioned to work within a multi-professional team to assist in the design, development, and dissemination of comprehensive programs that promote health and wellness and reduce the burden of chronic disease of communities.

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