The Healthcare Quality and Safety (HQS) programs are designed for clinical and administrative professionals that are seeking to engage in a rigorous form for developing knowledge and skills needed to deploy quality- and safety-focused improvement projects in their organization while maintaining their professional and personal responsibilities.

We offer preparation to leaders in quality improvement and patient safety to meet the growing demand of transparent, highly efficient, excellent clinical care in two ways 1) an online Graduate Certificate and 2) an online Masters’ of Science in Healthcare Quality and Safety.

The HQS programs are housed in the Department of Health Services Administration (HSA) in the School of Health Professions. The HSA network is far and wide allowing HQS students and alums to connect and network across the globe.



Our faculty have been leaders in the quality and safety disciplines for decades. Each faculty member brings unique insights into the classroom drawing upon their research expertise, corporate positions, board involvement, and consulting experience. For full faculty listing, click here.


Who are HQS Students?

Simply put – just like you: individuals that thrive on lively debate and discussion with their peers.

The Healthcare Quality and Safety Programs are high quality, academically rigorous forms. Our multi-disciplinary methods of learning is influenced by active preparation of equipped students who can assess, analyze and act upon cases that are often complex and ambiguous in nature.

Our students’ professional experiences vary greatly; however, they all share the following common characteristics:

Operational Leadership

Our students have exceptional communication skills having the capacity and will to inspire their peers and employees.

Analytical Capacity and Desire

Our students utilize real life application to advance understanding and appreciation for data analytics which is a fundamental cornerstone of quality and safety.

Innovative Thinking

Our students engage in real-world projects that require critical analysis of their current environment and application of new designs and concepts to the organizational system.


Student Testimonials

"The HQS experience was excellent. I learned many things that are applicable in my current leadership role. The staff were very supportive and my thesis resulted in a true quality improvement for our Emergency Department! We were able to improve our time to antibiotics to less than an hour for high risk pediatric patients with fever and neutropenia from 35% to 100%! The skills I gained during the HQS process were instrumental in getting this project to success!"

Kathy Monroe M.D.
Professor, Research Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
A graduate of the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality & Safety

"The HQS program equipped me with a toolbox of organizational frameworks, which I use daily, to solve simple to complex problems. I found myself applying the curriculum within the first week of entering the program and it has paid dividends in my career growth."

Sherry Polhill, MS
Director, Lab & Respiratory Services
A graduate of the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Quality & Safety

The acquisition of knowledge, education, and improvement of leadership is a lifelong passion of mine. The classes involved in the Healthcare Quality and Safety Program, fulfill elements of each of these categories. The more knowledge we gain regarding educational values, the greater influence we can exert for good on those around us. Providing a safe, team-oriented, and quality-added culture is critical to how success is measured. The Healthcare Quality and Safety Program offers knowledge in 1) leadership training, 2) QI Macros for reporting quality metrics, 3) safety enhancing practices, and 4) team development skills used to implement High Reliability Organization (HRO) processes delivered in Healthcare. Achieving the courses supports a lifetime investment!