Totally online. The Healthcare Quality and Safety Programs are designed for you. Continue your commitment to family and your obligations at work while earning your Graduate Certificate or Master's Degree.


HQS Master's

Only 36 credit hours.


Master's Courses

To see the entire Master's curricula and for a description of each class please click here.


HQS Certificate

Only four courses. And those 15 semester credits will apply toward earning your HQS Master's.

Certificate Courses

  • HQS 600 - Introduction to Clinical Quality Improvement (4 hours)
  • HQS 610 - Quantitative Methods, Measurement, and Tools for Quality Improvement (4 hours)
  • HQS 625 - Fundamentals of Patient Safety (4 hours)
  • HQS 630 - Leadership of High Reliability Healthcare Organizations (3 hours)