The MSHI Data Analytics track produces graduates who can immediately impact healthcare organizations. Everyday, a variety of healthcare environments rely more and more on data, yet there are very few individuals trained to extract, combine, analyze, interpret, and display these data so that the results are actionable and easily understood. As a UAB graduate you can help institute a better, more knowledegable data-driven decision-making process.

Earn a UAB degree and you will find employment in a range of positions, including Analyst (helping organizations make sense of data and making it presentable in a way that is actionable, such as creating dashboards) and Researcher (conduct studies that involve healthcare data). Our graduates also find positions as Healthcare Business Analysts, Software Developers, Product Managers and EHR/IT Consultants.

Our graduates also assist organizations with developing information and data governance strategies, which help define the way the healthcare industry thinks about quality, security, access to data and policies surrounding data. The proliferation of information technology to support workers in the healthcare industry has resulted in a massive amount of healthcare data being generated.

With the MSHI degree from UAB you can be the leader in the data revolution; you can be the guide of a complex healthcare data environments; you can be the invaluable bridge between yesterday's ideas and tomorrow's solutions. With the MSHI degree from UAB you can be the key to the future of healthcare.

MSHI Program – 1st Year Core Curriculum


  • HI 640 Introduction to Health Informatics and the US Healthcare Delivery System (4 hours)
  • HI 600 Analysis & Design of Information Systems in Healthcare (4 hours)


  • HI 602 Clinical & Administrative Systems (3 hours)
  • HI 685 Principles of Health Informatics (3 hours)


  • HI 601 Databases and Data Modeling (3 hours)
  • HI 630 Strategic Planning & Contracting (4 hours)
  • HI 620 Security & Privacy in Healthcare (4 hours)

2nd Year/Track Curriculum

Data Analytics Track


  • HI 660   Healthcare Requirements Analysis (3 hours)
  • HI 661   Advanced Database Design and SQL for Healthcare (3 hours)
  • HI 664  Healthcare Data Analytics Capstone (1 hour)


  • HI 632  Quantitative Methods for Health Informatics (3 hours)
  • HI 662   Healthcare Business Intelligence (3 hours)
  • HI 686  Leadership Theory (1 hour) – CORE
  • HI 664   Healthcare Data Analytics Capstone (1 hour)


  • HI 687   Leadership Development (1 hour) – CORE
  • HI 688   Leadership Advocacy (1 hour) – CORE
  • HI 664   Healthcare Data Analytics Capstone (3 hours)


For students whose sponsoring/funding agent requires 9 credit hours per semester, you will work under advisement of the Program Director to enroll in elective courses to support your final capstone project. Regardless of your track, this enrollment satisfies the 9 credit hour per semester requirement for full-time status.