MSHI 02Graduates of the MSHI User Experience track deliver in-depth understanding of a complex healthcare environments. They understand the intricate technologies required to support systems and the additional layer of best practices in designing safe, effective, and user-friendly interfaces in the healthcare setting.

Earn a UAB degree and you will find employment in a range of positions, including Designer (design healthcare interfaces to increase efficiency, ease of use and patient safety) and Researcher (identify usability issues and discover workflow opportunities). Our graduates also find positions as Healthcare Business Analysts, Software Developers, Product Managers and EHR/IT Consultants.

Most IT solutions today were not designed to enable clinical workflows and patient/clinician interactions. Healthcare information systems are badly in need of strong minds that understand more intuitive interfaces to capture specific data elements. They want someone who can model the behaviors and needs of the clinical end user. In other words - they want you!

With the MSHI degree from UAB you can be the leader in the data revolution; you can be the guide of a complex healthcare data environments; you can be the invaluable bridge between yesterday's ideas and tomorrow's solutions. With the MSHI degree from UAB you can be the key to the future of healthcare.

MSHI Program – 1st Year Core Curriculum


  • HI 640 Introduction to Health Informatics and the US Healthcare Delivery System (4 hours)
  • HI 600 Analysis & Design of Information Systems in Healthcare (4 hours)


  • HI 602 Clinical & Administrative Systems (3 hours)
  • HI 685 Principles of Health Informatics (3 hours)


  • HI 601 Databases and Data Modeling (3 hours)
  • HI 630 Strategic Planning & Contracting (4 hours)
  • HI 620 Security & Privacy in Healthcare (4 hours)

2nd Year/Track Curricula

User Experience Track

Fall 2

  • HI 651  Foundations of Healthcare User-Based Research (3 hrs.)
  • HI 652  Design Thinking for Healthcare  (3 hrs.)
  • HI 654  Healthcare User Experience Capstone (1 hr.)

Spring 2

  • HI 650  Foundations of Healthcare User-Based Design (3 hrs.)
  • HI 653  Managing the User-Centered Development Process (3 hrs.)
  • HI 654  Healthcare User Experience Capstone (1 hr.)
  • HI 686  Leadership Theory (1 hr.)

Summer 2

  • HI 654  Healthcare User Experience Capstone (3 hrs.)
  • HI 687  Leadership Development (1 hr.)
  • HI 688  Leadership Advocacy (1 hr.)