Welcome to the Department of Health Services Administration!

Contact imageChristy Harris Lemak, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Health Services Administration
Recently I was reading an article from UAB News about a young woman who, when diagnosed with breast cancer, decided to preserve her eggs in case she wanted to have children in the future. For me, this article highlights what is great about UAB and it made me think about what we teach in our department: caring, a future orientation, and hope.

Caring: In the article, the team of caregivers focuses on the patient’s immediate needs and options. In our department, faculty and staff work together with alumni and area health care executives to define and deliver a caring and impactful student experience - from the first day until graduation day.  We teach how to improve the delivery of health care services and how to work together as teams. 

Vision for the Future: In the article, the team works with the patient to understand her dreams for the future. In our department, we do the same for our students and alumni.  Every destiny is unique and we want to make sure each of our students reach their full potential in our classrooms and in their future careers.  We also help students learn how to develop a vision for an improved health care system and better health for communities we serve. 

Hope: In the article, everyone has hope. In our department, we know that leaders inspire hope in followers.  We know that empowered caregivers can inspire hope in patients.  We have an optimistic perspective on shaping tomorrow’s health care by developing leaders with compassion, caring, and the competencies needed to build a better health care system and improve health today and tomorrow. 

Whether you are a potential student or returning alumni, I encourage you to visit us in person and see how we are working to develop leaders to shape tomorrow’s health care – in health administration, health care quality and safety, health informatics, health care management, and health services research.  I would love to show you why the future of health care can be found at UAB today.

Best wishes,
Christy Harris Lemak, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Health Services Administration