Quorum Prather MillerLucas Prather with Tom MillerLucas Prather, a first-year student in the UAB School of Health ProfessionsMaster of Science in Health Administration program (MSHA Class 52), is the recipient of the inaugural Quorum Scholar in Health Administration. The Quorum gift, spearheaded by Quorum Health CEO Thomas Miller, is the first-ever full ride scholarship in the MSHA program’s 51-year history.

“Taking a step to develop a scholarship for a student in the UAB MSHA program is a more direct way to make sure the program maintains its excellence in this field over the years,” said Miller, an alumnus of the MSHA program (Class 18). “A significant part of my success was related to the education, relations and network opportunities that were provided from UAB and this is a small gift for the many things the program has done for my family.”

The scholarship is a three year full-ride scholarship that covers tuition, fees and professional development experiences. It is the type of life-altering gift that is worthy of the MSHA program that is currently ranked #2 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report – a strong gift for a strong program ultimately attracts even stronger students.

It is that strength of the MSHA program that originally attracted the Quorum scholar winner to the UAB Department of Health Services Administration. It is that strength of the gift that places him steps closer to reaching his dreams as he begins his educational journey and his future in health care.

“My long-term goals include becoming an influential part of a community hospital, like those with Quorum Health, that helps to improve the lives of the underserved,” said Prather. “In addition to this generous scholarship, the MSHA program at UAB has the tools and resources available to enable my growth as a young professional and support my career goals. 

Prather, who completed his undergraduate degree at Murray State University, is from Mahomet, Illinois, a village west of Champaign with a population just over 7,000 people. His upbringing in a rural setting made the Quorum Health scholarship stand out for him and likewise, it made Prather stand out to Quorum.

Miller, who is a member of the UAB School of Health Professions’ Dean’s Advisory Board and winner of the SHP Distinguished Alumni Award, worked while he was a student in the MSHA program. Even though Miller is quick to say that experience is part of where he is and who he is today, he believes the best thing you can do for your education is to solely concentrate on the learning aspect.

“The ability to allow a student to have a paid scholarship so that they can focus on their education allows for an environment of learning versus being pulled in so many directions,” said Miller, who is also a member of the American Hospital Association Board of Trustees. “I hope this gift allows each student to learn more so that they are prepared for a positive career path!”

“The scholarship made an immediate impact on my life,” said Prather. “I have always had an enthusiasm and desire to learn so this scholarship allows me to further my education with less of a financial burden, while also providing me with the opportunity to work with a company that aligns with my interests and career goals. I am thankful for Quorum’s investment in my education and career.”