The UAB School of Health Professions recently gained approval by the University of Alabama Board of Trustees to launch a new Master of Science in Clinical Pathologist Assistant program. The new program, offered totally online, welcomes the first cohort of students in the 2018 fall semester.

The program is open to professionals with a degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) who are certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and have at least two years’ experience in the MLS field.

The degree, designed to strengthen skills in communication, test utilization algorithms, team building, quality, relationships, consultations, advanced laboratory procedures, and clinical application, prepares students to make an impact on the ever-changing dynamics of health care.

“Laboratory medicine is undergoing rapid changes driven by new technologies such as Molecular and Genomic testing. As new tests develop and become more complex, it will be imperative that we prepare graduates to address issues that may be encountered as a results of these changes,” said Floyd Josephat MT(ASCP), Ed.D., program director and associate professor of Clinical Laboratory Science and Clinical Pathologist Assistant program. “The bottom line is that the introduction of a new member of the healthcare team – a Clinical Pathologist Assistant – to help assist the pathologist should have a positive impact on the quality of patient care.”

The goal of the UAB Clinical Pathologist Assistant program is to train highly qualified clinical laboratory scientists to serve under the direct supervision of a board certified pathologist and to provide clinical pathology services – including the analysis of medical and laboratory data associated with pathology.

“More than 7 billion clinical lab tests are performed in the U.S. each year, providing critical data that saves time, money, and lives by enabling early detection and prevention of disease,” said Peter G. Anderson, DVM, Ph.D., interim chair, Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences; and professor of Pathology.  “We will prepare our students to serve as resources for clinicians and hospital staff so they can choose wisely when ordering tests and interpreting the results.  This will become especially important as more and more new tests become available.”

The program, which can be completed full-time online in only four semesters, have begun taking applications for this fall cohort. The spring 2019 class application deadline is October 1st and the fall 2019 class application deadline is May 1st. For more information, please call 205-934-3209 or email