MS in Nutrition Sciences, Lifestyle Management & Disease Prevention Track

LifestyleManagement120x120The MS in Nutrition Sciences, Lifestyle Management and Disease Prevention (LMDP) Track offers an entirely online degree to students who want to provide general nutrition education to the public for health promotion and disease prevention. With this track, you will gain multi-professional perspectives at UAB, as your classes are taught by physician assistants, genetic counselors, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, and exercise physiologists. Come to UAB – prepare to impact the health of communities.

PhD in Nutrition Sciences

NSdoctorate120x120The Department of Nutrition Sciences offers you a top 10 ranked PhD program where you will conduct critical research to discover evidence-based solutions to promote health, avert disease and aid in cutting-edge treatments of individuals with a variety of diseases. At UAB you will learn from world class researchers. We have two NIH-funded centers, the Nutrition Obesity Research Center and the Diabetes Research Center, and work with the Comprehensive Cancer Center. You want to make life-changing discoveries? Then you want to discover UAB’s PhD in Nutrition Sciences.